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WNC is a Christian non-profit organization based in Charleston, South Carolina that was founded in 2010. The vision of WNC is to see a Nation renewed by a Gospel Rich Lifestyle. The mission is to implement resources and programs that provide opportunities for seeking Christians to engage in activities that help them understand, apply, and realize a Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  WNC is governed by a Board.  The work of WNC is primarily accomplished by community volunteers who offer their time, talent, and resources.  These contributors implement and direct activities, events, and programs that serve the community.  All WNC initiatives are based on the ideals of the Gospels and designed to generate outcomes that (1) meet identified critical needs of the community and (2) provide participants an experience to think, act, and realize a lifestyle as God intended for us, The Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  

Why Not?

Why Not?  This is the driving question that compels the work of WNC.  The WN stands for why not. It's a simple yet powerful question to ponder. Why not you? Why not your home? Why not your family? Why not your marriage? Why not your school? Why not your city? For Christians who seek God, who want to imitate Jesus, & who want to realize the promised life they were created for, this question is all that is needed to get started.  If we knew we could find the answer, the guiding instruction, the pathway, then why not discover it? Why not discover the way to live the Gospel Rich Lifestyle?  

The Yellow Cross

Yellow is the color, and the Cross is the symbol of WNC.  The WNC yellow is, by design, very unapologetic and demands to be noticed.  Like a caution traffic sign, the purpose of the yellow is to trigger us to notice something important - something that demands our attention.  That is to remember over and over again who we belong to and to find hope, peace, freedom, and comfort in those focused conscience moments.  The Cross reminds us that we are Christ followers.  It is a unifying symbol for Christians that transcends religion, demonination, and culture.  No matter who we are, where we come from, or what church we belong to we are ALL unified, fortified, and redeemed at the foot of the Cross as believers in Christ Jesus. 

Volunteer contributors implement and direct the WNC activities, programs, projects, and initiatives.  Without volunteer contributors, WNC could not offer its opportunities to the community.  It is important for people working in dedicated volunteer positions, like WNC contributors, to be granted the opportunity to have their own value-added experience.  To work on behalf of God, we must offer Him our talents and skills to bring His plans through us.  When we freely and obediently make this type of personal offering, a very unique reciprocal outcome is promised.





WNC refers to this promise as the "Holy Spirit Experience." The reciprocal benefits when we surrender our time and talents to God and obediently yield to working collaboratively as The Body of Christ are that we can (1) produce supreme work on behalf of His Kingdom and His Will and (2) work according to our perfect design which brings us joy, fullness, and developing awareness of who we are and our distinct purpose.  To protect and ensure this experience for our contributors, carefully and prayerfully guiding principles of the Bible have been used to put working systems and support resources in place at WNC. 

Reciprocal Benefits

“Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”
Luke 6:38

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