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The "Holy Spirit Experience"





From the beginning the mission of WNC was to guide people in an individual discovery, development, and deployment of spiritual gifts and talents.   The goals are to help Christ followers find (discovery) and practice (development) their spiritual gifting and encourage them to pour out (deployment) their new gifts and talents into their homes, schools, communities, towns, and beyond.  




After the discovery and development phase of the WNC experience, when Christ followers begin to pour out their spiritual gifts and talents, they often realize a personal vision for serving God.   The pursuit of this vision is fueled by a strong heart-lead pull to share the joy, love, hope, and peace that comes with having a relationship with God.  This personal vision and awakened calling to serve His Kingdom is what WNC refers to as "The Holy Spirit Experience".  


It is natural to sense a heart-lead calling as a developing Christian.  This calling is in each of us and is awakened when we experience God's love. WNC grew in its offering to accommodate the Holy Spirit Experience for those wanting to .  It began to function as a type of fulfillment platform that could give support and resources to people wanting to work for God. 


WNC is a traditionally structured non-profit, and those who work with WNC do so in a traditional volunteer capacity. People working in volunteer positions want to have their own value-added experience.  They have said yes to working on behalf of something they consider important - they feel called to do so because they care about the issue at hand.  They want to see their efforts help realize the vision.  This is especially important for those engaged in Kingdom work because they have said yes to a personal calling of the heart - they have said yes to the their faith - they have said yes to working for God.  As a Christain we understand this is our highest calling - our purpose,


In faith-based work it is required that we allow God to use our given talents and skills to bring His plan for His Kingdom through us.  This type of personal offering requires the greatest exercise in self-generosity.  When we freely and obediently are generous with God, He in turn, is generous with us.  This is the promised reciprocity of the Christian faith. 


The Holy Spirit Experience is an awakening of intrinsic creativity and alltrustic motivation to work on behalf of God's Kingdom inpsired by a personal vision or idea.   It is a measured and meaningful moment of clarity which marks a transformative awareness of one's spiritual gifting and purpose.   

Over several years, WNC has guided the spiritual gifting and vision of many and through that protected endeavor, Gospel Rich Lifestyle projects, events, initiatives, workshops, clubs, and meetings have become a reality.  This special and annoited work 

The Reciprocity of The Holy Spirit

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