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The Charleston Story 

WNC is a Christian non-profit organization based in of Charleston, South Carolina.  In 2010 WNC founder, Kathy Lewis, a career educator certified in Christian Leadership, shifted from education to continue service to her community in a different way.   By offering faith-based coaching and training, Kathy led the mission of WNC to guide people in their individual discovery, development, and deployment of spiritual gifts and talents.  Over time, those who were working with Kathy to grow themselves as integrated Christians began to experience an authentic desire to respond to an awakened calling to serve God.  To accommoate this special calling to work for God, WNC became a project fulfillment organization which guided the facilitation the concept creation, project development and implementation of WNC lifestyle projects and resources that serve the Charleston community today.  


Charleston is the birth place of the WNC vision, however, many of the initiatives created in Charleston have begun to reach other cities and towns.  As a grassroots organization, the hope and prayer is that the work accomplished in Charleston will serve as the foundational seed of faith and that Charleston can go on to be a worthy example to follow as the Good News of the Gospel sweeps across our Nation and other Christ followers begin their bold pursuit of the life they were created to live - The Gospel Rich Lifestyle!

It Came Out of Charleston

The Foundational Seed of Faith

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