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Firestarters is an experience that begins with saying yes to God and the journey that follows is filled by exploring His Word, practicing His Way,  and experiencing His Wonderment.  

His Word - His Way - His Wonderment 

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Lifestyle Leadership Development Opportunity

Firestarters is a lifestyle leadership development opporutnity for women.  The firestarter experience can range from groups that gather monthly to pop-up workshops to online courses.  This unique inter-denominational  offering is for women by women - learning and growing as God intended.    


Gospel Rich Lifestyle 

Firestarters begin a personal journey to discover how they are perfectly made by God and find their yes to the pursuit of living the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  The Gospel Rich Lifestyle is living an abundant life according to Christ and His Promises.   

Ways to Experience Firestarters 

Small Groups - for the women who seeks learning through relationships 

The Firestarters monthly meeting structure allows a group of women to gather monthly at a host home.  Self discovery,  group development, and the individual deployment of gifts and talents is fostered.   Women engage in a year long study together led by a Bible teacher.    This is an initmate expereince where bonding naturally occurs and lifelong friendships are formed.   As women learn together through this format - they can experience a practical understanding and real time application of what it means to belong to and work as The Body of Christ.  


Pop-Ups - for the woman who likes a variety of experiences and/or is seeking a way to learn through mini sessions 

Firestarters offers a variety of pop-up events for women.  Firestarter pop-ups are usually either a drop-in event, a 1 day workshop, a weekend seminar, or a series of trainings that may last up to 6 weeks.    These engaging activities vary and are usually seasonal.  They are opportunities for women of all ages to explore themes that guide their personal development and their pursuit of the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  Pop-Ups are a great way to become more familiar with all that Firestarters has to offer.  

Home Zooms - for the woman who enjoys online learning and sharing communities from the comfort of home

Starting in 2020, Firestarters will offer online learning opportunities called Home Zooms.  These  online meetings will give woman a chance to gather as a community via an online video platform.  Home Zooms will meet weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly.    Themes will guide the teaching, discussions, and practical applications explored.    Enjoy scripture led learning, guest speakers, roundtable discussions, social media sharing, and much more.   Home Zoom teachings, like all Firestarter opportunities, will be based on the biblical practice in mindset and decision making called "Promise Informed".  Promise Informed practices will be more prominent as a teaching strategy through Home Zooms.  Stayed tuned for updates.     


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