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Firestarters Boldly Seek His Word

Firestarters is an opportunity for women to begin a personal journey to discover how they are perfectly made by God and find their yes to the pursuit of living the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  

The Firestarter experience is individual and therefore, each woman decides her own level of participation.   Firestarters is presented as a three part series which builds upon understanding and applications based on Gospel truth and biblical principal.  


The three series are titled,
His Word, His Way, and His Wonderment.  

His Word, part one of the series,  prompts new learning.  The goal is to equip women with His Word to begin understanding how they are uniquely created by God and strongholds are explored and reconciled.  By the end of this part, Firestarters find their yes for God and for living the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.  


Unapologetically Pursue Life His Way

His Way is the second part of the Firestarter series.  It is during this time that Firestarters explore their spiritual gifting and personal calling.  According to His Way of living, they respond to and engage with real life situations, lifestyle choices, and inspired work.  His Way is a self-directed and altruistic experience that is compelled by a calling from God.   

Joyfully Experience His Wonderment

His Wonderment is the final part of the Firestarter series.   Firestarters gain personal leadership development in regard to their spiritual gifting,  decision making, discipleship, and sustaining practices. During this time Firestarters witness the impact of fulfilling their anointed work for God and experience the joy and freedom of His Wonderment.