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Teenagers in Park

Research shows only 30% of high school students rank their experience as satisfactory.   


School culture directly impacts the student experience in regard to belonging, tradition, social activity, participation, and perceived opportunity. Research shows that only 30% of high school students rank their experience as satisfactory.  This is an indicator of a poor school culture condition.

School culture is most often determined for students not by them.  It is the activity and decisions of school districts and school leaders that create school culture conditions.  Students are the least considered variable outside of providing test scores.

Empowering Students to Make an Impact 

In response, WNC Charleston created G TEAM.  G TEAM, an Education initiative, is a student-led club for middle and high school students.  Like most school clubs, G TEAM requires approval by the administration and support by a faculty sponsor.    G TEAM gives students an opportunity to improve their school experience by empowering them to create systemic solutions that impact their school culture and personal lives by applying the ideals of the Gospel.  

Using custom curriculum, age-appropriate lessons and activities, G TEAM members gain the knowledge needed to dive into a Gospel Rich self-directed learning opportunity.  Lessons and activities equip students with soft skills for being appreciative thinkers, collaborative workers, and respectful communicators who make decisions and problem solve.  

Mission Driven

G TEAMs create mission statements determined according to what the club has identified as most important based on consensus.  The G TEAM club members regularly meet, plan, celebrate, explore ideas, and create solutions guided by their mission.  Practices based on ideals of the Gospel are applied to conducting meetings as well as the planning and hosting  of events and activities for their school and community.  

Leadership Development  

G TEAM shows students how to become their own solution.  It inspires the development of leadership qualities through the integrated teaching and applications of the Gospel and College and Career Readiness skills that can successfully carry students through their high school years and through life.  

Empowering Students To Impact School Culture

Through The Ideals Of The Gospel

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