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Tornado Relief Mission!

"I am so grateful to be part of a community that finds it easy to respond with eager generosity."
Kathy Lewis, WNC Founder

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Please consider making a secure and tax deductible donation to on-going relief efforts for
Mayfield, Kentucky residents. 
Thank you in advance for
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In the News!

IN THE NEWS - ABC NEWS4, Charleston, SC 

Thank you ABC NEWS4 for highlighting this Lowcountry community care project for the tornado victims of Mayfield, KY. The Lewis' came up with the idea when they wanted to find a better use for the kitchen trailer they owned, previously used, and enjoyed as a Clemson football tailgate kitchen. Mrs. Kathy Lewis, the founder of Charleston non-profit, WNC, brought this idea to others for their help and participation. The generous donations of several Charleston businesses made it possible for the kitchen trailer to be up-fitted, fully stocked and delivered to Mayfield, KY yesterday. The trailer left Shem Creek on Friday, arrived today, and on Monday, Valentine's Day, the Carr family will reopen their business, Carr's Barn, to serve meals, once again, to the community they love and have called home for generations. Charleston is a generous city - its residents are no strangers to natural disasters - and so it is no surprise that it would be Charlestonians who would think to help the Mayfield tornado victims.  WNC wants to do more for Mayfield, so if you would like to help WNC with additional support, please visit our Facebook page at WNC to connect to our Go Fund Me link or click the donation button below.  Thank you. 

IN THE NEWS - CBS KFVS12 Mayfield, KY 

Thank you CBS KFVS12 for announcing the reopening of Carr's Barn in Mayfield tody, 2/14, Valentine's Day 2022!  Due to the deadly and diastrous tornadoes in December, many residents and business owners lost thier homes and business structures including the Carr family who lost their BBQ restaurant, Carr's Barn. This news story highlights Charleston business man, Tony Berenyi, who was contacted by WNC, to spearhead an effort to bring other Charleston businesses around the project.   The donations made by Mr. Berenyi and others made it possible for the "rolling restaurant" to be stocked and delivered to the Carr family.  Mr. Berenyi reminds us in the article of God's expectation for living by saying, “it’s only fitting that it [Carr's Barn] opens on February 14, because the effort is a true example of what can happen when we love thy neighbor". Suzy Flint, owner of Carr's Barn says, “It is overwhelming to think how human kindness can truly change despair to delight and bring joy to folks that have lost so much. Reopening Carr’s Barn will help Wayne and me get back to doing what we do best and give us all a sense of familiarity, which is at the core of our loss.”  WNC wants to do more for Mayfield, so if you would like to help WNC with additional support, please click the donation button below.  Thank you. 


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