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Your Support Makes a Difference

Community Influencer Opportunities

Business Team

Business Affiliate

Your team can sponsor efforts that support the residents of the community that you serve. 

Contact us to learn more about how to be a valued business affiliate.

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Your Generosity Helps Expand the Promise of GRL Youth and Family Initiatives in Your Community

Support YOUTH

G-Team is a student directed club that equips them to impact their school culture and over all personal school experience.  Research shows that only 1 out of 3 students rate their school experience as satisfactory.  G-Team gives students a way to join the school culture conversation, advocate for issues they care about, and enhance their overall personal experience.  This important youth initiative addresses identified critical need issues within our educational system. 

Learn more about G-Team at

With your support, G-Team will be deployed in more counties than ever before and the efforts your gift ensures will improve outcomes for students during their school career and beyond. 

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Our world-class Firestarters curriculum has transformed hearts, homes, marriages, and families.  

Firestarter members and their spouses witness to the healing of anxiety, stress, and other worldly issues that many households endure.

Gospel-based, the program is a personal study with a variety of formats and is

designed as a three part experience.

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