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The vision is to see people who are living the
Gospel Rich Lifestyle
provide care and encouragement that enhance teacher wellness across the Nation, promoting higher achievement among students. 

Young Teacher

Research shows that teacher wellness is a direct indicator of student success. 

Student achievement requires quality instruction and research shows that quality instruction is dependent upon teacher wellness.  However, the morale and overall wellness of teachers is often strained due to common risk factors related to finance, stress, health, and need.    In response , WNC Charleston created the Teacher Love Project (TLP) to care for and encourage teachers.

One of the First to Make Teachers the Priority

The Teacher Love Project is one of the first organized education initiatives making teacher wellness the priority. Utilizing the TLP framework, community churches, area groups, and organizations come together to serve schools and teachers. As TLP Teacher Champions, they volunteer in unity under the authority of the Gospel.   


The project is Principal approved and teacher elected.  Once approval is in place, Teacher Champions can begin to offer group support such as prayer, events, programs, and fellowship.   TLP Teacher Champions also serve participating teachers 1:1 allowing them to provide personal attention in the form of notes, birthday cards, gift cards, meals, and requested classroom needs.

Teachers truly are LOVE personified according to His Word
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 
Most often it is a vocation that calls teachers into their profession.  Many teachers are Christians responding to this calling making them one of the last biblical frontiers.  Therefore, we must care for those who care for our children.


For every teacher across our nation 

The goal of the Teacher Love Project is to see every teacher across our nation cared for and encouraged to fortify the promise of teacher wellness and high achievement for all students.  

What Are Teachers Saying?

The Charleston Teacher Alliance recently surveyed nearly 600 teachers to get their views on current issues within CCSD. Below is a summary report of the survey results with the CTA’s recommendations and the district’s responses.

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