Dare to Believe the Promise of The Gospel Rich Lifestyle! 

We believe that God's promises are always true because we have the love of a faithful Father.

We know His love is supreme because He brought Heaven to Earth when He sent Jesus.

Through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John this story is told and promised!

In The Lord's Prayer, Jesus said, "Thy Kingdom Come,Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It Is In Heaven".

It is through Jesus that we can experience Heaven on Earth which is the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.

It is through the Gospel Word that we find how to begin living this promised life!

Live the life you were created for!

 The Gospel Rich Lifestyle!

It is through our dedicated imitation of Jesus' example that we live the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.



"Whoever says he lives in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked."


1 John 2:6

Lifestyle Programs

Activities based on Gospel Ideals that Engage Christ Imitators in Gospel Rich Lifestyle Practices.  

Our Lifestyle Programs are based on the ideals of the Gospels.  They are designed to allow Christ imitators to engage in individual and group offerings that address and enhance critical needs of the community.  By participating in Lifestyle Programs you can actively and purposefully live the Gospel Rich Lifestyle

and multiply your God-given offerings to serve His Kingdom.  


These programs are a way to respond to a calling seeded in you at birth to be merciful, pure of heart, peacemakers

in a world that yearns for the hope, love, and peace we receive through Jesus.

Feel the joy of offering while having a personal discovery experience that leads to a fuller understanding and reality of living the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.

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G-Team is changing the trajectory of todays youth by building a community of young belivers who meet  in a untraditional worship setting, their school.  Young people love God and we're committed to helping them discover their voice as they work together to enhance their

school experience by

applying ideals of the Gospel.  




Focusing on deeply loving teachers, the Teacher Love Project name says it all. 
The simple concept is revolutionizing schools and students.  One teacher at a time. 

Gathering regularly, Firestarters meet to boldly seek His word so they may learn His ways and enjoy living in His wonderment.  

Live the life you were created for!
The Gospel Rich Lifestyle
Realize a Lifestyle You Didn't Know Was Possible!
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