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Why Not Charleston

Why Not Charleston (WNC) is a non-profit organization based in Charleston, South Carolina that was founded in 2010.  The vision is to inspire a movement that renews each community and our Nation through the opportunity that is the Gospel Rich Lifestyle.

The Gospel Rich Lifestyle is living an integrated life according to Christ.  An abundant and fruitful life is the  promise of the Gospel Rich Lifestyle, as God intended. 


The Gospel Rich Lifestyle (GRL) begins with seeing the world through the lens of Christ.  It is pursued through our dedicated imitation of Jesus who embodied the Scripture.  Why Not Charleston aims to provide opportunities to practice and apply Gospel Rich living through its programs, initiatives, and activities.

The Work

The community impact work of WNC is primarily accomplished by volunteers. WNC project and initiative resources are provided through a partnership with The Promise Informed™ Institute, a consortium of educators and experts who develop tools, trainings, and course certifications.  WNC volunteers implement and direct community activities, events, and programs.  Other available resources are designed for independent studies, at- home applications, and small group training and exploration.   All WNC opportunities are based on the ideals of the Gospels and designed to generate outcomes that:

(1) meet identified critical needs of communities 

(2) are based on principles that are taught and modeled in the Gospels

(3) provide participants engaging and relevant ways to actively apply seeing, thinking, and decision making that is conducive to achieving a Gospel Rich Lifestyle (GRL)


After retiring as an influencing career educator in 2017, Kathy Lewis founded and launched Why Not Charleston (WNC). Kathy set out to integrate her wide-ranging experience, resources, and connections to renew her city systemically through creating and implementing world class systems designed to improve the condition of education, business, and family. Kathy champions the use of best practices aligned to Biblical principle. It is with this faith philosophy that she has formed, through WNC, cooperatives that work with her to create national projects and initiatives that prompt transformational experiences for those pursing a relationship with God and with Jesus. Kathy is also the National Thought Leader of The Promise Informed™ Institute, a resource development partner of WNC. The PI™ Institute is a consortium of educators and experts that

Founder & National Thought Leader

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develop and create tools, resources, training, and course certifications that aim to help people hones skills for seeing, thinking, and decision making that enhance personal and professional outcomes. Kathy lives in Charleston with her husband Glenn where they have raised 6 children together. As Founder, Kathy serves as the Executive Coach of WNC.

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