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Why Not Charleston (WNC) is a non-profit organization based in Charleston, South Carolina that was founded in 2010. The vision is to inspire a movement that renews each community and our Nation through the opportunity that is the Gospel Rich Lifestyle. 

The Gospel Rich Lifestyle is living an integrated life according to Christ.  An abundant and fruitful life is the  promise of the Gospel Rich Lifestyle, as God intended. 

The Gospel Rich Lifestyle (GRL) begins with seeing the world through the lens of Christ.  It is pursued through our dedicated imitation of Jesus who embodied the Scripture.  Why Not Charleston aims to provide opportunities to practice and apply Gospel Rich living through its programs, initiatives, and activities.

John Harris, a man whose heart finds its greatest joy in being a devoted husband to his beautiful bride, Tequannah Harris, and a proud father to four precious souls – Kaiya, Yannah, Justus, and Novi-Jude. His journey led him to Charleston six years ago, guided by what he wholeheartedly believes to be a divine calling that beckoned him from Augusta, GA.

Within the vibrant tapestry of Charleston, SC, John discovered a profound and resonating purpose – to 'bridge the gaps' and weave together the fabric of unity, understanding, and compassion. He embraces this mission wholeheartedly, serving as the Executive Director of Gospel Engagement at the esteemed organization, Why Not Charleston.

John's passion lies in strategically mobilizing the community's unique gifts and talents, aspiring to cultivate a gospel-rich lifestyle that emanates genuine compassion, authenticity, and a profound sense of purpose.

In his role as the Executive Director of Gospel Engagement, John stands steadfastly committed to fostering an environment where empathy thrives, and hearts resonate in harmonious unison. Together, they seek to inspire change and forge deep connections among individuals, families, and diverse communities, catalyzing a positive ripple effect that extends far beyond the city's borders.

John Harris

Mr. John Harris, Executive Director

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John Harris is also the National Expansion Leader for G-Team.

Follow the link to learn more about the G-Team Experience, the 2024 Expansion Vision, and How You can Get Involved or Support the G-Team Movement. 

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Have you ever wanted to measure your
ability to love?  Have you ever even thought about it?
Truth is, we are made, by our Creator to love and love large.
This self-reflection tool will help you discover, develop,
and deploy the love that lies within you.
Enjoy your personal journey to becoming LOVE.


The vision is to see people who are living the
Gospel Rich Lifestyle
provide care and encouragement that enhance teacher wellness across the Nation, promoting higher achievement among students. 

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